Tips for Making a Potty Training Chart

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 13, 2012

Potty training should never be a forced issue with toddlers as this may create anxiety and fear. Potty training should be similar to other learning activities and as long as the child does not feel pressurized, he/she will be able to learn relatively quickly. However, be prepared for accidents for a few weeks as the child will be able to understand what is required but might not have the required muscle control. It is important to try and view life through your child’s perspective as this will help you to understand and remedy his/her behavior.


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Many parents are impatient as they believe that their children are smarter than the average child and so they want to show their children off to their friends and family. It is therefore important to understand that a child may take longer to understand new activities and furthermore this does not necessarily have any bearing on their mental abilities. A potty training chart can be used to make potty training a fun activity.

You can use stickers to mark each correct attempt.

A potty training chart allows your child to feel a sense of satisfaction in mastering a new ability. You can make a large sheet with your child’s name on it along with 14 columns- one for each day for 2 weeks. If you wish to, you can make a potty training chart that is meant for an entire month by increasing the number of columns. You can decorate the chart with drawings and sketches of your child’s favorite cartoons and movie characters. You could also put several photographs of your child from the day he/she was born. You can then use this to show your child how much they are growing and developing. If you want to ease your child into the process, you can first use a similar chart and award your child a sticker for other activities such as putting away their toys.

Potty training along with a potty chart can be used only after your child is one and a half years old and is accustomed to the potty. A simple way to help them make this association is by putting them on the potty as soon as they wake up as they are more likely to have a full bladder at this time. You can even take your child along when picking up a children’s potty as this will help to make your child feel more included in the potty training process. Teach your child to make a certain gesture when he/she wants to use the potty. You can also teach them the word “potty” by repeating this word every time you put them on the potty. Children love to be rewarded for their efforts and so a placing a sticker on their chart will encourage them to use the potty so that they can earn more stickers.

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