Why are so many people against teen sex and pregnancy?

(May 6, 2010)

Most people, especially parents of teenagers, appear to oppose teenage sex and pregnancy quite strongly. This may be because just the thought of sex can be quite overwhelming for a teenager. Many teenage girls (and a few boys) only get sexually active, due to peer pressure. They often have regrets about their decisions later. Many of the teenagers who are eager to explore their sexuality do not consider the emotional upheavals that they may go through or the risks involved, like unwanted pregnancies or contracting an STI/ STD. Many a time, sex between teenagers leaves one or both of them feeling disappointed, which leads to ill feelings between them, broken hearts and split relationships. Many teenagers do not differentiate between love and sex, till it is too late. They have wrong notions, about sex, believing that it is-

A way to prove that they are mature and grownup
A test that proves their love for their partners
A great way to make their partners love them and commit to them.
An activity that only involves only fun and pleasure
A step towards asserting your independence
A way to get back at a parent or an ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend

Therefore, before indulging in any form of sexual activity, teenagers should seek some adult or professional guidance, to help them with and educate them about the important aspects of sex.

Teenage pregnancy is definitely a lot more complicated than entering into a sexual relationship. Teenage girls are usually not prepared for the consequences of unplanned pregnancy. First of all, their bodies start undergoing changes, which is why they need to change their lifestyle and restrict their other activities, which can be very difficult for someone so young. In addition to that most of them have to change their future plans, which could include college education, work, traveling, etc. The most important decision, however is whether they want to continue with the pregnancy or opt for an abortion, which can be a traumatic experience, even for a grown woman. Therefore, some girls decide to have the baby and look for adoption options. However, after going through the entire pregnancy putting the baby up for adoption can be heartbreaking.

Pregnancy among teenage girls is a largely increasing problem in today‘s world. Almost all cases of teenage pregnancy stem from sexual activity, be it planned or spontaneous, consensual or non-consensual. The reasons for their getting pregnant could vary from lack of proper knowledge, to the failure of birth control measures adopted. Although many teenagers who indulge in sexual activities use protection, because of lack of proper knowledge and guidance, the birth control methods may fail, as they were not used correctly. Therefore, abstaining from sex is the most effective way of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.  

Submitted by P T on May 6, 2010 at 05:00

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