Facts about Teen Pregnancy Complications and Effects

Did you know that in the United States one in every ten pregnancy involves a teen mother? Well this is a real teen pregnancy fact revealed by the Guttmacher Institute.

This institute conducted a study in September 2006 which revealed that three quarters of a million teens get pregnant every year in the United States. Out of this many of them are unplanned pregnancies.

Possible Complications in Teen Pregnancy


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Possible Complications in Teen Pregnancy

A teen pregnancy has most complications involved as compared to a normal pregnancy.

This is because while you are in your teenage years, your body is still not fully prepared for pregnancy. It does not have the full capacity and is not well-equipped to support a pregnancy.

As a teenager, your body will need more nutritional support to meet both your needs and your baby’s demands. The lack of proper nutrition leads to problems like low iron levels, anemia, and low body weight.

Statistics show that teenagers are most likely to experiment with smoking, drinking, and recreational drug use. As a result, the baby doesn’t receive ample oxygen supply. When there is low oxygen in your body, your baby does not receive ample nutrition. As a result, your body presumes that it is unable to provide the right nutrition and expels the pregnancy on its own. As a result, the abortion rates also go up. Premature deliveries, low brain development of the baby, and physical disabilities are some grim teen pregnancy facts.

Besides this, a teenaged pregnant mother does not receive ample support from her family, friends, and society at large.

This kind of mental pressure can also affect the pregnancy to a large extent.

Causes and Effects of Teen Pregnancy

Statistics about teen pregnancy reveal that most of them happen due to many reasons. Most teenage girls become pregnant because they are in a long-term dating relationship. Some girls get pregnant after hooking up and some others get pregnant because of being raped or other situational conditions.

Teen pregnancies happen due to voluntary or involuntary sexual relationship. There are many birth-control methods that are available. It depends which one suits you the best so that you can avoid and lower the incidence of teen pregnancy.

Dealing with a teen pregnancy can lead to many physical and emotional effects.

Negative effects like frustration, confusion, fear, and resentment can have immense impact on you and your body. Let us face the facts; most teenagers are ill equipped to deal with the rigors of pregnancy. So if you have decided to become sexually active in your teenage years, please ensure that you practice safe sex.

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