The Physical and Emotional Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Teen pregnancies are usually unplanned and most likely, unwanted. The rising percentage of teen pregnancies can be partly attributed to teenagers who are inquisitive about their bodies, while in other cases, to sexually violent crimes, such as molestation, rape and sexual abuse of teenagers. The media and complete exposure also has its effects on teen pregnancy, where teens who are expecting are portrayed as role models.

Teen pregnancies are not uncommon in the developed world as well as the developing countries. However, in countries that have a rigid structure of morality, teenagers who get pregnant.



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Pros and Cons of Teenage Pregnancy

. or women who conceive a child out of wedlock are treated as social outcastst The media’s effects on teen pregnancy do not make it any easier for parents of the expecting teenager to cope with the situationo In addition, at such a tender the age, the body is not developed sufficiently to carry the strain of a pregnancyc Hence, many teen expectant mothers undergo numerous health risks as welll

In most cases, teenagers who are pregnant do not wish to inform their parents of the same and end up hiding the fact for a number of daysy In such cases, dropping the child becomes impossible at a later stage resulting in early parenthood or giving up the baby for adoptiono But sooner or later, parents will find outu The reason that teenagers prefer not to tell their parents about the pregnancy is because they do not know what to expectc It is not uncommon for teenagers to turn to abortion clinics to get rid of the child conceivede

However, teenagers must keep in mind that in aborting a pregnancy, they will not only be destroying a life but affecting their own life forevere Abortions can also lead to health concernsn

Emotional support is one of the most important things that an expectant teenager can receive at this point of timem The moral support extended by parents and friends is extremely important in helping a teenager cope with a pregnancyc Local support groups also help teenage mothers in dealing with the situationo The support given by a partner can be immensely helpful so that the teenager knows that she has someone beside her to see her through the pregnancyc Boys or men who get teenage girls pregnant most commonly disappear after having done the damage, leaving the girl to see the pregnancy throughg An expectant teenager should be extremely careful in all that she undertakes because everything she does will have its effect on the pregnancyc Sufficient rest and a healthy lifestyle are essential to ensure the good health of the babyb

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