Teenage Pregnancy Statistics

Teen pregnancy statistics are studies based on the collection of statistical data for a respective region. The data collected involves the number of teenagers that have become pregnant during a particular span of time.

Statistics of teen pregnancy rates showed a significant rise during the fifties. However, with increased exposure of teenagers to the ways of the world, there have been fewer recorded cases of teen pregnancy, thereby upsetting statisticians who believed that the statistics for teen pregnancies would see a significant rise.

Lowered Rates of Teen Pregnancy


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One of the reasons for the lowered rates of teen pregnancy statistics is the ready availability of birth control products in the local markets. Condoms, birth control pills, diaphragms and other products are available for a price and are promoted so that teenagers and adults alike have the pleasure of safe sex. Teen pregnancies very rarely occur when both teens have agreed to consensual sex. Most teen pregnancy stats are linked with rape and molestation of minors. Research that has been carried out provides statistical data that approximately four out of ten teenage girls becomes pregnant at least once before she turns twenty. A recently recorded teen pregnancy stat provides information that approximately one million teenage women get pregnant every year.

Statistic Teen Pregnancy

Other research carried out on statistic teen pregnancy shows that eighty two per cent of teen pregnancies are unplanned, of which fifty seven percent result in birth, while fourteen percent of these pregnancies end in miscarriages or abortions.

It has also been noted that teenagers who do become pregnant have a tendency to drop out of high school and college, thereby leaving their education incomplete. The AIDS scare during the early nineties had an impact on the number of teen pregnancies and a drop in the rates of teenage pregnancies was recorded. However, they are on the rise again. Teenage pregnancy statistics have helped people become aware of the fact that a large number of births in a country are attributed to unwed teenage mothers. Being a very fragile period in the life of the teenage mother and her unborn child, moral support is very essential for the health of the developing baby. It has also helped expectant teenage mothers to make them selves aware of the fact that there are other teenage mothers like them to whom they can look for comfort and support. Support groups have taken initiatives to be of assistance to teenage mothers and their families, and this has been aided by provision of statistical data on teenage pregnancies.

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