Spontaneous Abortion Information & Statistics

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

A spontaneous abortion is also known as a miscarriage. This is a process where the pregnancy terminates for some reason before the baby is due. The process of spontaneous abortion occurs when the body of the mother detects some problem with the fetus. In such a situation, the further development of the fetus is not viable. This further development may also put the body of the mother at risk. Therefore, in an effort to prevent an abnormal birth and any side effects on the mother, her body will spontaneously abort the fetus. This is an automatic method designed to prevent the development of abnormal children. Of course, there are cases...


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.in which abnormalities are present in new born babies, but this is avoided somewhat by the process of spontaneous abortiona It should be noted that a failed pregnancy after twenty weeks of gestation is known as a still birtht

The spontaneous abortion statistics are quite interesting to notet Some spontaneous abortion statistics suggest that up to twenty percent of all pregnancies end in a spontaneous abortiono Many women may not even notice that they have suffered from a miscarriage because this occurs so soon into their pregnancy that it is assumed to be a part of the menstrual cyclel Therefore, these spontaneous abortion statistics may even understate the number of abortions that take placec Women, especially those who are not prepared for pregnancy, may not take the necessary steps to ensure that the fetus has the best chance of survivala Therefore, activities like smoking, drinking and vigorous exercise may continue into the pregnancy resulting in a spontaneous abortiono When studying about spontaneous abortion statistics, one will note that there are miscarriages that occur without the fetus being expelled from the woman's body even though it is no longer developingn In some cases, a miscarriage may occur with a partial release of the fetusu Finally, a complete abortion is one where the entire fetus is passed out of the woman's bodyd In the first two cases, medical intervention is definitely needed whereas in the third case, it is recommended to have a post abortion checkupu

Couples who wish to have more spontaneous abortion information should consult with their doctor about thisi While learning about this spontaneous abortion information, the couple will be able to understand what aspects of their diet or lifestyle need to be changed in order to provide the best possible environment for the development of a normal healthy babyb

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