Teenage pregnancy ? help!?

(June 15, 2010)

Teenage Pregnancy Health Problems

Teen pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy the takes place in very young girls that are primarily in the age group of 13 to about 19. Teen pregnancy is also referred to as an adolescent pregnancy. The rate of these adolescent pregnancies is extremely high mainly in the United States when compared to most other developed countries. Almost 95 percent of most of the pregnancies that occur are usually unplanned and almost one third of most of these pregnancies will finally result in a termination.

Dating early is one of the main causes of teenage pregnancy. The biggest cause of a teen pregnancy occurring is due to sexual behavior amongst adolescents. Sexual activities during the teen age whether unintentional or intentional result in teen pregnancies. Also the cases of teen sexual related diseases are also high amongst these teens who are involved in sexual activity when young. When a teen gets pregnant unintentionally, figuring out what to do with the pregnancy is a hard decision to make. There are various options that are open to these teens to help them decide if they want to keep the baby or otherwise. The first option that most teens have is to decide to keep the baby by continuing with the pregnancy. However, making this decision is based solely on the possibility of the teen being able to take care of the baby once it is born. Another possible option that a teen has is to continue with her pregnancy and then make a decision to give the baby up for adoption once it is born.

This decision is usually made for various reasons. The main reason is the teen not being in a position to take care of the baby. This decision requires the teen to be emotionally and physically strong. One also has to be able to adhere to their decision after it has been made for the rest of their lives. Another option is for the teen to let the pregnancy continue and then to keep the baby in foster care till the time the teen mother is able to support her own self and thus take care of her own child.  If the teen has parental support or support from some relatives and friends as well, she can continue with her pregnancy and keep her child and take care of it. The last option is to decide to terminate the pregnancy.

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