Why do you think teen pregnancy is rising this year after a decade of decrease?

(July 1, 2010)

Teenage Pregnancy Causes

Teenage pregnancy has not only been a very hotly debated topic in recent times, but is also a growing concern in almost every country all over the world. Some of the facts from a few recent surveys show that, on a yearly basis, almost one million teenage girls are impregnated with about half of that number being below the age of 17. Studies have also shown that about one third of the mothers see the pregnancy right till the end of its term and keep the baby. While going through a pregnancy is a miraculous occurrence and having a baby is seen as one of the prime benefits of being a woman, having one too early can see a significant change to an individual’s lifestyle. The responsibility required to be able to bring up a child is considerable and can be daunting at times. There also appears to be some sort of link between a mother social standing and the likelihood of pregnancy as the surveys show that the poorer a girl is, the more likely she is to get pregnant although this may be a direct link to the fact that she is less likely to be able to afford an abortion.

Psychologists have cited low self esteem as being one of the strongest contributors to increased teenage pregnancies because of the fact that girls who do not think too much of their aesthetic appearance are more likely to engage in sexual activity. The increase in casual sex is another key contributor as sex is often seen to be a de-stressor and method of relaxation. The increasing rise in the number of teenage girls that indulge in drugs and alcohol is also to blame because of the fact that they can be easily taken advantage of in their inebriated state. Moreover, they are more unlikely to use protection under these circumstances – thereby leading to unplanned pregnancy.

Some of the major decisions that a teenage pregnancy will necessitate include dropping out of school in order to support the child, the fact that most teenage fathers are not likely to be ready to handle the situation and may simply walk out on the mother, social rejection in certain societies as well as the dependency on financial aid to help raise the child. As a result, knowing the methods of prevention of pregnancy is a very important part of sex education. The benefits and details of options such as abortion, abstinence and even giving the baby up for adoption should all be considered in length before reaching a decision.

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