Fainting In Pregnancy Third Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

Fainting, dizziness, and nausea, are all very common symptoms in the third trimester of pregnancy. Women fainting in their pregnancy third trimester is especially common and this is usually attributed to the variety of changes that the woman's body goes through when she is pregnant. When pregnant, women have larger volumes of blood pumping in their bodies. This means that the entire volume of blood in their body is increased, and the body has to undergo many changes in order to adjust to these new levels of blood.


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Physiologically, the woman's heart is able to pump two times the volume of blood present in the body, and therefore, the body is able to handle the upsurge. Yet, the rapidly rising blood volumes are enough to make a woman dizzy. Fainting in pregnancy third trimester is also associated with the rapidly rising and falling blood pressure in the woman's body.

During the end of the second trimester, the blood pressure typically falls very low, only to rise back to its normal levels by the end of the pregnancy. In women who are overweight, preeclampsia is also a probable cause of fainting. In this condition, the blood pressure soars rapidly and a woman's body may react to it by fainting. Anxiety and stress during pregnancy can often contribute to dizziness in pregnancy third trimester that many women experience. To avoid this, it is best to take it easy when pregnant and avoid any stress that may have a harmful effect on the body.

When you are feeling faint or dizzy, it is best to lie down and wait till the feeling passes. Usually, since the dizziness is associated with the changes in the blood pressure, lightheadedness and dizziness can both come and go. This means that if you lie down and wait, these will surely pass. However, if you do not rest, you risk complete blackouts in pregnancy third trimester. Fainting during pregnancy third trimester is usually experienced in the night time. If you feel lightheaded when you are lying down, it is best to turn to your left side to improve blood circulation. Lying on your left side maximizes the blood flow through your heart and saves you from the unpleasant feeling of dizziness.

Fainting during pregnancy third trimester is also possible due to rapid movements. In order to avoid fainting in pregnancy third trimester, make sure that you do not move too quickly. When you get up in the morning, always rise slowly from the bed in order to avoid giving yourself a head rush.

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