Is Fainting During Pregnancy Normal

(October 26, 2010)

Pregnancy is a phase which is full of excitement, but it also causes anxiety and stress. It causes a lot of physical and psychological changes in pregnant women, and these have their own set of side-effects. One of the most common problems in pregnancy is the feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness, which may cause the pregnant women to faint.

Fainting during pregnancy is not uncommon, and it is caused by changes in the functionality of the cardiovascular system. In pregnancy, the body weight as well as blood increases in the body. As such, the pulse rate also increases. However, the blood pressure lowers down, and in the initial stages, usually the first trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant women may faint or feel faint. Some of the causes of fainting during pregnancy are as follows:

  • First of all, when a pregnant woman sits for long period, and then gets up really fast, the blood is not able to reach the upper part of body from the lower extremities. So, sitting for longer time spans and getting up abruptly can cause fainting during pregnancy.
  • One of the other reasons for fainting in pregnancy is lying down on your back; this posture causes an increase in the pulse rate and a dip in blood pressure, which leads to fainting during pregnancy.   
  • Another reason for fainting during pregnancy is the inadequate intake of food and water. As the women progresses in her pregnancy, she needs more nutrition to support the baby and herself. However, due to lack of nutrition, pregnant women feel weak and dizzy and may even faint.
  • Anemia or lack of blood (red blood cells) also make a pregnant woman feel weak and famished, leading to fainting.
  • Overheating is another cause of fainting during pregnancy. Taking a hot water bath and staying at hot places causes the dilation of blood vessels, thereby lowering the blood pressure, and this, in turn, leads to fainting.
  • Dehydration also leads to fainting in pregnant women.
  • While fainting during pregnancy is common, it is advisable to always consult a doctor to ensure that there is nothing seriously wrong. There are also some home remedies to prevent fainting in pregnancy, albeit these should only be tried after consultation with a doctor.
  • When you feel weak and dizzy, you should lie down on your bed, so that you do not fall down even if you faint.
  • You should consume a lot of water and foods rich in fluids like watermelon to prevent dehydration.
  • You must keep the temperature of your surroundings cool. You should avoid a hot water shower or a warm soak.

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