Is it normal to have headaches during pregnancy?

(May 26, 2011)

A pregnancy is a time of complete joy and excitement for an expectant couple. However, more often than not, people do experience a certain amount of difficulty with their pregnancies. It is not often that you hear of expectant mothers who experience headaches during pregnancy. However, a headache during pregnancy cannot be ignored because now you not only think of your own health, but also of the health of your unborn child.

Many women ask, “Is it normal to have headaches during pregnancy?” Although the answer is in the negative, there are certain occasions when stress or complete fatigue, do tend to cause headaches. These signs and symptoms are meant to let you know that you have to slow down and give your body the rest it requires for the pregnancy. There are not many causes for headaches during a pregnancy. Morning sickness and nausea can certainly cause headaches, but these will pass with time. What expectant mothers need to be careful about, though, is the fact that a rise in blood pressure could be a possible cause for a headache. Rising blood pressure will cause harm to the pregnancy and therefore, expectant women need to keep stress levels under control. Treating headaches during pregnancy should be undertaken with care, and must be carried out only after having assessed the actual cause of the headache. Persistent headaches during pregnancy must be referred to your doctor without any delay, as they could be warning signs of something that is more serious than just the headache itself. Never try self medication during a pregnancy because you do not know what effect the medication that you administer to yourself will have on your baby.

Every trimester of the pregnancy is one that is fragile and needs to be handled with the utmost care. During the pregnancy second trimester, there are various developments that are taking place within your womb. There are possibilities that a change in the balance of the hormones in the body may cause headaches during the second trimester. The best way to deal with any headaches during your pregnancy is to stay calm, inform your doctor of the same and follow the advice that has been given by the doctor who is handling your pregnancy. Staying healthy by eating healthy foods and getting enough fresh air and exercise during your pregnancy is the best way of avoiding any minor complications that could cause problems for you and your developing baby.

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