Persistent Headaches In Pregnant Women

By Niki | June 20, 2011
Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches during a pregnancy are not very common, but can be caused because of hormonal imbalances that are part and parcel of a pregnancy on the whole. Chronic headaches during pregnancy can be rather disturbing and will cause the expectant mother unbound stress and fatigue. Chronic headaches can be rather uncomfortable and cause lack of sleep, leading to exhaustion and tiredness as well. Expectant mothers need to remember that a pregnancy is a state of fragility and the utmost care needs to be taken to safeguard the development of the child within the womb.

Persistent headaches during pregnancy could be caused by a significant rise or fall in the blood pressure of the mother. Expectant mothers need to be extremely careful about this because the blood pressure of the child’s body is directly proportional to that being recorded by the mother’s body. Any rise or fall in the mother’s blood pressure will be directly proportional to the rise or fall in pressure of the baby, leading to a number of complications that cannot be foretold. Another probable cause for acute headaches during pregnancy is the lack of rest. When you are expecting a child, there are various hormonal changes that take place within your body, causing you to feel immense discomfort right through the day. Nausea or morning sickness is another cause for headaches and discomfort that are experienced by an expectant woman.

If at any point of time you appear to suffer from severe headaches during pregnancy, it is best advised that you remain calm and explain to your doctor, all the symptoms that you are experiencing in detail. The doctor alone can best assess the exact problem, and keeping in mind that you are with child, will administer medication accordingly. Attempting self medication at this juncture would be an unwise step to take because you are not aware of the effect that the medication in question may have on your unborn baby. Staying calm is one of the most important things to remember at times like this. Eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise and rest, and providing your body with all the nutrients required for healthy growth of the child will also ensure that you are protected against minor illnesses that could be devastating at times. Getting enough rest during the day is a vital part of pregnancy, as is placing all your faith in the doctor who is taking care of your pregnancy.

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