Can you run during your third pregnancy trimester?

(April 21, 2010)

Running, in fact, is one of the physical activities a pregnant woman must avoid in her third trimester. One of the most important things to be kept in mind during the third trimester is not getting breathless and not letting the heart rate increase abnormally. Breathlessness means a decrease in oxygen passing on to the fetus, and increased heart rate of the mother also means an increase in the heart rate of the fetus. Both these conditions can prove harmful to the unborn baby. Running can put pressure on the abdomen, which is always risky because of the size of the stomach when the baby has grown almost completely by the third trimester. Another risk that running can cause is strain on the pelvis, which is already supporting the weight of the growing fetus. Running also results in overheating of the body, which can cause harm to the fetus. It is because of all these reasons that you must avoid running or any other activity that involves jerky movements as it can also cause dizziness and result in bad falls.

If the expectant mother is looking for a form of exercise she must follow only a low-impact regime. Also, while exercising it is important to pay attention to the comfort level. She must listen to her body. If the body says it has had enough, it would be best to stop right away. Physical stress must be avoided as much as mental stress during the advanced stage of pregnancy. Also, any kind of exercise must be done under the eye of a trainer and only after consulting the doctor. Walking, swimming, Yoga, and Kegel's exercises are some of the exercises that can be done by you. These are not only safe but also beneficial to you and your baby. Many people believe the expectant mother must be off her feet during the third trimester but that is not true unless the mother has a condition that requires her to take best rest. Working out in the second and third trimester is beneficial in getting rid of aches and pains. It also makes delivery easier and helps in maintaining good posture during pregnancy. Exercising also releases endorphins, which help in relaxing and making the expectant mother happy. It also makes the expectant mother feel rested and helps in getting sound sleep. Just don't stress yourself physically and wear comfortable clothing. Make it a point to be hydrated especially if you are working out.

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