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It can sometimes get confusing for an expectant mother to keep track of her pregnancy as even though it is known to have a duration of nine months, in medical terms it is measured in weeks and trimesters. So this would mean that pregnancy lasts for forty weeks and it is divided into three trimesters. Pregnancy starts from the last menstrual period or LMP and consists of 280 days.

The time period between conception and birth lasts for 266 days, as the initial two weeks consists of menstruation, ovulation and subsequently fertilization conception generally occurs about fourteen days after the first day of menstruation. This date of conception can differ among women and many not always be known.


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Weekly Pregnancy Calculator

Since the date of the last menstrual period can be known for certain, this is taken to be the starting point of the pregnancy. So one can count up to 288 days after the LMP and find out the estimated due date or EDD. Trimesters, each one consisting of three months, serve to give the pregnancy a beginning, middle and end. However, it does not really matter if an expectant mother is unable to determine the exact date when her trimesters begin and end.

Trimester Calculator

A pregnancy can be divided into trimesters based on three processes; development, gestation and conception. Each process can be used as a due date and trimester calculator and each tends to give a different date. The development method divides the pregnancy according to the stages of development. Since the start of pregnancy which is the LMP, until twelve weeks the embryo undergoes major changes and all important organs and systems develop. It becomes a fetus and this comprises the first trimester.

Then the second trimester starts and till 27 weeks it continues to develop. After week 27 the third trimester begins and development is complete as the fetus prepares for delivery. The gestation method involves dividing the forty weeks by three. So the second trimester begins on the thirteenth week and the third trimester begins on the twenty-sixth week. The conception method takes into consideration only the time since conception which consists of thirty eight weeks, divided this by three and then adds two weeks. As such the second trimester will begin as week fourteen and the third trimester will begin at week twenty seven. You can decide which due date calculator and trimester calculation method you would prefer. Your doctor will help you out with this, or there are also various books that also offer advice.

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