Pregnancy Ovulation Calendar to track Ovulation Time

The ovulation calendar is a valuable tool for women in their reproductive years. The information it provides helps in conceiving a child. One can also use the ovulation calendar to avoid pregnancy.

A woman is fertile only during the duration of her ovulation and the ovulation calendar tells a woman the time of her ovulation each month. Once every month, the ovaries of a woman are stimulated by hormones to produce an egg or ovum.



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What is Fertility Charting

.After maturation, the egg is released from the ovary and travels down the fallopian tube and then enters the uterusu

If fertilization occurs, it usually takes place in the fallopian tube and the egg then becomes implanted in the walls of the uterus and pregnancy beginsn It fertilization does not take place, the egg is released from the body along with the lining of the uterus during menstruationo The knowledge of when ovulation occurs will tell a woman when she is in her fertile periodo The sperm can remain in the fallopian tubes till about five days, and as such pregnancy can take place at any time during this timem If the woman wants to avoid pregnancy, unprotected sexual intercourse must be refrained from for at least six days before the expected date of ovulationo

Pregnancy Ovulation Calendar and Menstrual Cycle

Each woman’s menstrual cycle is different, although the average cycle is known to be of 28 daysy The cycle begins with the first day of the period and ovulation occurs somewhere around the fourteenth daya Longer menstrual cycles mean that ovulation will occur around fourteen days prior to the beginning of the periodo A woman can track her menstrual cycles by checking her basal body temperature daily before she gets out of bed and before taking anything to drink or eata

The exact temperature can be noted down on a calendara Other signs such as tenderness in the breast and differences in the mucus of the cervix may also be notede

During ovulation, there is an increase in the basal body temperature and the breast become tendere The cervical mucus takes a stringy texture, similar to an egg whitet The basal body temperature stays high for about twelve daysy If the temperature falls after this, then it means that pregnancy has not taken placec If the temperature remains elevated and then further increases a bit, it is very possible that the woman is pregnantn As such, the ovulation calendar works as a pregnancy test tooo By noting this down daily, the woman will be able to make out a monthly patternr This information can then be utilized to either become pregnant or avoid becoming pregnantn

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