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When a woman decides to get pregnant there are entire gamut of tests and recommendations that her doctor will advise her to do.  She will need to get blood tests done, urine test samples, dietary recommendations that need to be followed and preconception exercises and treatments to do. For some women the doctor can also do a check on their family history and her age to help her in conceiving a healthy baby. Pregnancy symptoms for different women will vary too.

Some women can experience morning sickness and nausea as early as the first or second week after conception. The typical time frame for a woman to experience any kind of pregnancy symptoms is normally till the first or the second week .



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. after she has missed her menstrual periodo Detecting fetal movements does not take place till about 16 weeks ini

Free Ovulation Calendar Online

An ovulation calendar is available that helps the woman in predicting her most fertile period of the montht These ovulation calendars help the woman predict her ovulation period thus helping her to achieve the pregnancy she desirese The way the ovulation predictor calendar works is that it requires the woman to enter various information items that are related to her menstrual cyclel The pregnancy ovulation calendar basically asks for information like the starting date of the woman’s last menstrual period, along with the length of her menstrual periodo The ovulating calendar also asks for the length of the luteal phases

A free ovulation calendar is available on the internete The online ovulation calendar is an efficient and quick way of determining a woman’s fertile periodsd

There is a link called my ovulation calendar which can be found onlinen If a woman does not know the correct length of her ovulation cycle she can leave these values at a default status on the ovulation cycle calendara It is advised to record all the values to help the calculator give the most accurate result thus helping to pinpoint the woman’s ovulatory date to perfectiono It is however said that this ovulation calculator works best for mainly those women who have regular menstrual cyclese At times some of the ovulatory calculators claim to be able even help the woman in her gender preference by selecting the field that is marked boy or girlr

The other ways to determine the optimum fertile period in a woman is by checking the basal body temperature or the cervical position or the cervical mucusu

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