Ovulation Test and Predictor Kit

Planning a pregnancy is one of the most wonderful decisions and experiences in the life of any woman. She would not want to leave any stone unturned to ensure that everything works out perfectly. Ovulation is one of the important aspects as it directly influences conception.

It is the process during which an ovary releases a mature egg that is ready for fertilization. The egg makes its way into the fallopian tube where is can get fertilized if it comes into contact with an able sperm. The zygote then progresses down to embed itself in the uterine wall The egg has a short lifespan and hence the period of ovulation plays an important role when planning a pregnancy.


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Ovulation Predictor Kits

The use of ovulation predictor kits is gaining importance as most women fail to keep track of the most probable date of ovulation due to irregularities in their menstrual cycle, mainly triggered by changing lifestyle and busy schedules. Medical conditions also affect ovulation. They are also used by women who fail to get pregnant in spite of several attempts as they miss their ovulation day. These ovulation predictors are also useful when women opt for artificial insemination when they are having a problem with conceiving naturally.

Ovulation predictors are either urine-based or saliva based. Most ovulation prediction kits provide results in approximately 5 minutes. Ovulation prediction kits help in detecting the presence of the hormone luteinising (LH) whose production is at its peak just before ovulation takes place. In fact, it is the hormone responsible for triggering ovulation. The level of this hormone starts increasing 24 to 48 hours before ovulation actually takes place.

A surge in luteinising levels indicates the ideal time for intercourse for making a baby.

Ovulation Test

Ovulation usually takes place in the week exactly mid cycle. Hence, testing each day during the expected ovulation period will help in detecting a surge in LH levels. Testing twice a day may prove more beneficial. Using the ovulation predictor at the same time per day is also recommended. Intercourse within 24 to 36 hours of the surge is essential in order to take complete advantage of the ovulatory phase thus maximizing chances of conception. However, ovulation prediction is not always accurate as women who have been on contraceptive pills often experience hormone surges after the onset of the fertile window. Similarly, these kits tend to provide incorrect readings in women who experience irregular menstrual cycles as well.

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