Ovulation Signs, Conditions & Test Results

There are various signs by which a woman can gauge if she is ovulating. Some of these ovulation signs include changes in the cervical mucus. As the time of ovulation nears, the cervical mucus changes in consistency and in amount.

As the ovulation period approaches the cervical mucus becomes an egg white type of consistency, more abundant and it stretches between the fingers. This is thought to be one of the more accurate and perfect indicators for helping a couple time having sex with the hope of getting pregnant. Some medicines can dry up the cervical mucus which can then make the detection difficult.


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Ovulation Conditions

Another indication of ovulation is the change in the body basal temperatures. This temperature charting is one of the most popular methods used in tracking the ovulation among those women who are trying to get pregnant. If the woman’s temperature rises then it is a sure sign that she has ovulated. It is not however helpful in warning the woman when her ovulation period is nearing. Change in the cervical position is another indication of ovulation. In the same way that the cervical mucus changes, similarly the cervical position also changes when the ovulation period approaches. When the woman is fertile the cervix becomes softer, higher and also more open. It works as an indicator even when the cervical mucus has dried up from medicine usage.

Ovulation Test Results

A positive result when an ovulation test is taken is another sign of ovulation.

These kits or tests require the woman to urinate on a test stick or dip the test itself in urine that has been collected in a cup. This is done before the day she is expected to start ovulating. There are normally two lines that are visible on the test stick, when the test line becomes darker than the other lone called the control line, and then an LH surge has been detected by the test stick. This indicates that the woman has started ovulating. This method can however turn out be more expensive as compared to all the other methods used and hence may not be feasible for a lot of women. Saliva ferning is another indication of ovulation. It is a fairly uncommon method. A microscope is used for this purpose wherein a sample of saliva is inspected closely under the microscope. If a ferning pattern is observed, which looks something like frost appearing on a window pane, then the woman is said to be ovulating.

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