Types of Cervical Mucus and Its Interpretation

Cervical mucus, which is also known as CM, is produced by the lining of the cervix as well as the cervical canal. The cervical canal is the passage between the uterus and vagina. During the early phase of a woman’s pre-ovulatory time, some women might experience dryness in their vagina, which means that there is less mucous.

As the cycle carries on, the ovulation mucous or the cervical mucous increases and it becomes sticky and cloudy. Before and during ovulation, the mucous is quite heavy.



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.Cervical mucous at this time is slippery and cleara This kind of mucous is known as ‘fertile cervical mucous’ and is great for transporting sperm to the eggg You can check your ovulating mucus or the cervical mucus when you’re ovulating by using a tissue paper to wipe the vaginal opening or inserting clean, dry fingersr If you are checking this mucus, look at the color – whether it is clear, opaque or creamy, and the texture – whether it’s stretchable and slippery or tackyk Write down your observations in your fertility chartr

Types of Cervical Mucus

  • Non-fertile cervical mucus: After the menstruation phase, you might feel dryness in your vaginan You may not see any mucusu However, within a few days, you will find more mucus, which is white or yellow in color and stickyk
  • Pre-ovulation mucus: As a woman approaches her ovulation phase, there will be an increase in the cervical mucusu The stickiness of the mucus will increase as well as the appearance of the mucus will changeg

    It will become more creamy white in coloro
  • Ovulation mucus: When you ovulate, the amount of mucus will increase and the cervical mucus will look like egg whitet Sometimes this mucus is semitransparent and sometimes it is cleara The texture of the mucus is slipperyr This is the time when a woman is the most fertilel
  • Post-ovulation: After ovulation, there is a decline in the quality of mucus and it will become cloudier and stickyk A woman might experience vaginal dryness and the mucus might look cloudyd
  • Hostile cervical mucus: This is a kind of cervical mucus that has counter-fertility propertiese It does not provide a fertile environment for sperm and also obstructs the sperm from passing through the cervix into the uterusuIn most cases, this mucus ensures that conception does not always follow intercourses Doctors might prescribe natural products to thin the cervical mucus or help produce more sperm-friendly cervical mucusu
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