What does Pink Discharge in Pregnancy Mean?

(June 26, 2010)

Pink Discharge In Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge is quite a normal occurrence for most women, even the ones who are not pregnant. However, most women, who are going through pregnancy, notice an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge that they get. This is mainly because of the increased flow of blood to the vaginal area, as well as the higher levels of estrogen produced by the body. This discharge, associated with pregnancy, is known as leukorrhea and it should be clear and white. Normal leukorrhea should have the consistency of egg whites. Therefore, in case the discharge varies in color, odor and consistency, it may indicate an infection, inflammation or other conditions, which may be a cause of concern for the baby.

Normal vaginal discharge consists primarily of vaginal and cervical secretions, old cells from the vaginal walls and the regular bacteria flora from the vagina. With progress in the pregnancy, the amount of the discharge noticed increases too. It is a minor inconvenience, which need not cause any embarrassment, as panty liners can be used to absorb the discharge to prevent it from staining one’s clothes. This discharge may also alter in appearance, as the labor stage approaches. This happens because, during the earlier part of the pregnancy (the first trimester), cervical secretions fill out the cervical canal and this creates a protective barrier, which is called the “mucus plug”. Towards the final stages of pregnancy, the cervix starts dilating and this causes the mucus plug to be expelled. After that, a thin white discharge can be noticed. At times, it can contain traces of blood.

A pink discharge in pregnancy means that there probably is a small amount of bleeding. If the discharge during pregnancy is dark pink or red in color, it could be a symptom of a serious problem and so immediate medical assistance is necessary. Pink discharge could occur due to reasons like an ectopic pregnancy or implantation bleeding. Therefore, in case you get a pink and creamy discharge earlier on during the pregnancy, it could be one of the early symptoms of miscarriage. However, discharge tinged with pinkish or brownish blood, occurring just before the 37th week of pregnancy, could be a sign of preterm labor.

So even though many women who have delivered healthy and normal babies complained of bleeding or spotting during pregnancy, it is best to contact a doctor immediately if you experience any bleeding, spotting, severe cramping, or pink discharge in pregnancy.

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