Pink Discharge During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

Change is an inevitable part and parcel of pregnancy. While pregnant, a woman’s body goes through a number of changes. These changes often confuse an expectant mother and leave her wondering if they are normal or not. Since every woman is aware of the fact that menstruation ceases on becoming pregnant, it is but natural that any sign of vaginal bleeding could leave her anxious. Many women experience a change in the consistency and texture of vaginal discharge during pregnancy.


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The increase in discharge is generally caused by increased hormone production as well as an increase in blood circulation to the pelvic region. Some women experience pink discharge during early pregnancy. More often than not, pink discharge during the first trimester, around the 3rd or 4th week, is the result of the implantation process.

During this process, the fertilized egg makes its way into the uterus where it embeds itself in the uterine wall. The burrowing action of the egg causes a small amount of bleeding as well as abdominal cramping. Generally, this form of bleeding would be observed for not more than a day. Mild bleeding in the form of a pink discharge may also be an indicator of pregnancy complications and if it persists, some medical tests, especially an ultrasound may be essential to pinpoint the source of the bleeding.

Pink discharge during pregnancy second trimester and third trimester could be caused by a sensitive cervix that occurs due to the pregnancy related changes in the body. Pink discharge during pregnancy and/or after intercourse, is generally a result of the friction caused during intercourse. The cervical wall gets eroded resulting in the rupturing of small blood vessels in the area. This causes light pink discharge during pregnancy and is a minor issue. A vaginal examination could also lead to blood-stained discharge as a result of the same reason. The pink discharge during pregnancy may become more frequent as the pregnancy progresses and more pressure is exerted on the cervix. It is essential to report any change in discharge to your doctor as it may be indicative of pregnancy complications.

Pink discharge during late pregnancy could be the ‘bloody show’. This happens when the protective mucus plug is expelled from the vagina which may be in the form of a blob of mucus being expelled from the vagina in one go or a thicker than normal discharge. This usually happens after the 36th week of pregnancy and may be accompanied by mild bleeding.

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