Types of Vaginal Discharge in Pregnancy

It is normal for women to experience some amount of vaginal discharge and in most cases this is not a cause for concern. During pregnancy too, many different types of vaginal discharges may occur because of the changes taking place in the body. This becomes a normal daily occurrence for almost all pregnant women.

Discharges are a way to eliminate excess fluids from the body. They do not create a health concern for pregnant women, but it is recommended that attention be paid to the occurrence of these discharges. The color, odor and quantity of the discharge determine whether it is normal or part of a health condition that requires special attention.


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Brown and White Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

There is an elevation in the estrogen levels of the body and the supply of blood to the vagina increases during pregnancy. This may cause some women to experience a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy. The texture of the discharge may be like that of mucus. This is known as leucorrhoea and women that are not pregnant may also experience this from time to time. The discharge could range from clear to milky white and does not have a bad odor. Use of panty liners helps to deal with such discharge. The undergarments must also be changed often to reduce discomfort. However, if there is itching or redness in the vaginal area, it may be indicative of a yeast infection. Brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy may occur in the early weeks as the blastocyst attaches itself to the uterine lining at this time. If such a discharge occurs in late pregnancy, a medical consultation is recommended as it may be indicative of a vaginal wart or vaginitis.

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Yellow and Pink Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

Yellow vaginal discharge in pregnancy may occur due to sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or Chlamydia. These conditions must be treated with care in pregnant women. Vaginal discharge with a greenish tinge may also result from candida or other yeast infections. If the discharge has a foul odor and itching and discomfort accompanies, then you need to consult a doctor. Pink vaginal discharge during pregnancy may be leucorrhea and is quite normal. It can also occur during the initial stage of labor. If pink discharge occurs excessively, it could point to vaginosis or vaginitis. During the last weeks of pregnancy, there may be an increase in the amount of discharge and it may also become thicker. This is referred to as a mucous plug, which passes through the cervix a couple of weeks prior to the onset of labor. If the mucus is pinkish or blood tinged it could mean that labor is likely to begin within a day. See also mucus discharge during pregnancy

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Types of Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy
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