Thick Yellow Vaginal Discharge During Third Trimester

By Niki | June 16, 2011
Vaginal Discharge In 3Rd Term

On account of an increase in the production of estrogen as well as the flow of blood to the vagina and surrounding area during pregnancy, many women tend to experience a vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Some women even notice a yellowish discharge during pregnancy in the third trimester as well which may sometimes even be colourless and odourless. This discharge is usually a sticky fluid that is similar to the consistency of an egg white. If the woman experiences a discharge during pregnancy that has a foul smell then it is a sign of a bacterial infection and the same should be reported to her doctor immediately. The thick yellow discharge during pregnancy that many women observe is also known as leukorrhea and is usually a combination of old vaginal cells, normal bacterial flora that is usually found in the walls of the vagina as well as secretions from the cervix and the vagina.

Yellow discharge during third trimester is common as on approaches the date of delivery the quantity of discharge is also known to increase. Green or yellow vaginal discharge during pregnancy may be caused either because of a medical condition known as candidiasis which is basically a yeast infection that is known to occur on account of the hormonal change during pregnancy. Thick yellow discharge during pregnancy may also be on account of Chlamydia which is basically a sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia and any other sexually transmitted disease if observed during pregnancy should be immediately reported to the doctor as if not treated and controlled in time it could lead to preterm labor and could also be passed on to the child during delivery. Another one of the causes of yellow discharge during pregnancy is bacterial vaginosis which is caused because of an imbalance in the organism that dwell in the vagina or the cervical canal. Many pregnant women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis and a consequent yellow discharge during pregnancy are also known to experience a stinging or burning sensation while urinating. Usually its is observed that women suffering from bacterial vaginosis tend to deliver small or even preterm babies. One of the ways to prevent a yellow discharge during pregnancy is to ensure that one keeps ones genital area clean especially during pregnancy. Similarly one may also include yogurt in their daily diet during pregnancy to avoid yeast infections. Pregnant women should also avoid douching as it will worsen the infection and the discharge.

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