Vaginal Discharge During Early Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge in early pregnancy is quite common. Most of the reasons behind the vaginal discharge are harmless. This discharge is generally a milky fluid and is mild-smelling. The discharge happens because the increase in blood circulation in the vaginal area.

While it isn’t all that different from the vaginal discharge that you had before your conceived, this time, it’s a lot more.

While vaginal discharge during early pregnancy is normal, the discharge might increase when you near labor-time the fluid becomes thicker and you will notice that before the labor, the mucus plug loosens. The mucus plug is a thick wad of mucus that acts like a seal on the cervix.


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Remedies for Vaginal Discharge and Early Pregnancy

This, like any other change, is part and parcel of a pregnancy. Make sure that you follow good hygiene procedures to prevent infection. Avoid using deodorant soaps and perfumes, and do not wear nylon panties. Wear cotton pants and keep the genital area clean. It is advisable to use panty liners instead of tampons. If you have vaginal discharge in early pregnancy, we advise you against douching.

Vaginal Discharge in Early Pregnancy Conditions

You might wonder if the vaginal discharge is a sign of something serious. If the discharge is green, yellow, thick, foul-smelling, and causes burning or itching, then you must contact a doctor. It could be a symptom for infection or thrush.

Do get in touch with your doctor if the discharge is brownish in color. More on mucus discharge during pregnancy

Prevent Infection During Vaginal Discharge in Early Pregnancy

  • Here are some tips to help you keep infection at bay –
  • Decrease the consumption of refined sugar.
    Make sure to dip into a bowl of yogurt – the lactobacillus acidophilus in the yogurt can ward of infection.
  • Make sure you wash your hands with soap before touching your vagina.
  • When you wipe after going to the toilet, do clean back to front.

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Ectopic pregnancy and increased vaginal discharge: Sometimes increased vaginal discharge in early pregnancy could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, a condition in which the embryo is placed some where else, instead of being in the womb. If you feel the discharge is too much, you might want to speak with a doctor.

Sometimes increased discharge could also mean that there’s some infection in the body. Do go in for a check up if you have excessive discharge when you’re not pregnant to rule out bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection.

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Vaginal Discharge in Early Pregnancy
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