Yellow Mucus Discharge During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 24, 2012

In a pregnancy, the body goes through many changes as it makes place for another human being within. Many of these changes are hormonal and affect the body is many different ways. During pregnancy in all the changes that happen in the body, one change is the cervix stands producing mucous which leads to a mucous like discharge from the vagina. This is called leucorrhea and is considered normal. The cervix has mucus glands that start to produce mucus due to the increased estrogen in the body.


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This is discharged by the vagina in the form of a yellow mucus secretion. This discharge contains secretions from the cervix and the vagina, old cells from the vagina and normal bacterial flow from the vagina. It is the yellow cervical mucus discharge during pregnancy that the vagina secretes as a yellow mucus discharge during pregnancy.

Yellow mucus flow during pregnancy largely fluctuates and can be experienced through the nine month period.

The discharge happens mostly because the cervix has begun to dilate as in preparation for the eventual labor. The discharge is like a gelatinous glob and you could expel in one go or slowly. Sometimes you could see blood in this discharge. Early on in the pregnancy, the mucus discharge could be implantation bleeding which is bleeding that occurs when the embryo plants itself on the uterine wall. Also read yellow discharge during pregnancy

Sometimes if it is a thin discharge, it might not be this discharge. Instead you could be leaking amniotic fluid. It would be a good idea to mention this to your doctor or your midwife.  If the discharge smells or changes color, it would mean that it is something else, perhaps an infection and definitely needs medical attention. Sometimes it might be accompanied with itching and irritation. You should avoid using a tampon or a douche in pregnancies as it makes you and your vagina especially susceptible to an increased infection risk. More on vaginal bleeding during pregnancy

It is important to notice any change in the discharge. If any change in texture of vaginal discharge is accompanied with cramps and abdomen pain, you should immediately seek medical help. It could be the beginning of a miscarriage. As the pregnancy progresses, this discharge could have blood and that definitely indicates a pre-term complication. You should visit a doctor and get it checked it out.

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