Kidney Changes During Pregnancy

The kidney, along with all organs and organ systems in a woman’s body, goes through changes during pregnancy. All the systems in the body undergo a lot of change once a woman gets pregnant. One of the many changes that happen is changes to the kidney and the renal system. The kidney grows about 1 to 1.5 centimeters through the pregnancy.

The renal plasma flow also increases considerably in the first two trimesters.

Women with chronic kidney problems should be aware that there are all kinds of risks in pregnancies. For women with chronic kidney problems or diseases that can lead to kidney problems, the women can face different.



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.health problems through their pregnancyc Chronic health problems like diabetes and hypertension can often lead to kidney problems, especially in pregnant women as the body is working harder to provide for babyb A poor diet, smoking, drinking, excess use of antibiotics and illegal drugs, all can lead to kidney problems during pregnancyc During the constant excess fluid in the mother’s body, she could have high blood pressure through the pregnancyc Acute renal failure is a real threat for pregnant women with chronic kidney diseases

Differences in the working of the kidney and effects of these ills can cause many complications for the mother through the pregnancyc Severe complications include kidney failures too which can lead to spontaneous abortionsn Sometimes complications of kidneys can lead to urinary tract infection which can lead changes in ovulationo

This can affect women if they are trying to get pregnantn Kidney transplant patients can have babies but patients on regular kidney dialysis cannoto  Also when kidneys do not work as they should, the body retains waste and this inhibits production of eggs to make the woman fertilel Treating chronic kidney problems before getting pregnant helps the woman and gives her higher odds of successfully carrying the baby to term without added complicationsn

Some of the many complications of kidney disease during pregnancy include preterm labor, low amniotic fluid, low birth weight, thyroid disease and fibromyalgiai Symptoms generally include protein in urine, swelling or numbness of hand or feet, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, cramps and eventually kidney failurer

Kidney failure can affect the immune system and all your levels like mineral, creatine, protein along with blood pressure are constantly monitored through your pregnancy along with your cholesterol and urine levelsl If you are pregnant and have chronic kidney worries, you need to see a specialist throughout your pregnancyc

Pregnancy And Kidney Change
Kidney Changes During Pregnancy
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