Fluid Leaking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase that is not free of complications. Two of the most common pregnancy complications are fluid leaking during pregnancy and numbness in the body, especially the legs. Both these complications could prove to be very alarming for any expectant mother.

Leaking of amniotic fluid is expected during the last month of pregnancy, with the onset of labor, as the body prepares for childbirth.

A constant trickle of clear fluid from the vagina indicates a ruptured amniotic sac. Many women mistake this for a sudden increase in vaginal discharge. This leak is absolutely fine if it.



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.occurs after the 36th week of gestationo However, some women experience a leak early in pregnancy and this may be indicative of preterm laboro Some women experience a sudden gush of fluid through the vaginan In such cases, medical intervention becomes essential, without any delaya Medication may be prescribed for the samem Complete bed rest is advisable so as to allow the rupture to heala However, if the rupture is very large, or the fluid contains blood, a preterm delivery may become inevitablel If this occurs very early in the pregnancy, it could result in pregnancy losss

Hence, any increase in vaginal discharge or fluid must be reported to the doctor immediately so as to minimize the risk of pregnancy losssLeg numbness, first trimester or a tingling sensation in the limbs is common during pregnancy and the main cause for the same is believed to be water retentiono Leg numbness during early pregnancy could also be related to the sciatic nervev

This nerve originates in the lower back region and travels down the legsg During pregnancy, the expanding uterus tends to exert pressure on this nervev This generally results in inflammation and lower back ache that stretches the length of the nerve, down the lege The sciatic nerve could also be affected by a slip disc which is common during pregnancyc This causes a weakness in the limbs and may be the cause for calf numbness during pregnancyc If a lot of pressure is applied to this nerve, it could also cause foot numbness during pregnancyc As the pregnancy progress, the pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve tends to increase, in the case of most womene This is responsible for increased leg numbness during the third trimester of pregnancyc It could also be responsible for a stabbing pain in the back, buttocks and thighsh Prolonged numbness must be reported to the medical practitionere

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