Overcoming Forgetfulness During Pregnancy

It is not unusual that you may experience forgetfulness and memory loss during your pregnancy as it is a time of great physical and emotional upheaval. You tend to experience forgetfulness during pregnancy as a direct result of the many changes that your experience. Dealing with everyday stress and anxiety are much harder when coping with your pregnancy and this leads to bouts of forgetfulness in pregnancy.

It has been observed that most women experience forgetfulness during pregnancy, especially during the first and the third trimester.

The first trimester is.



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.a period of intense changes and it can be very exhausting and distractingn Nausea, back ache and body ache are all part and parcel of your first trimester and it is natural that you will be distracted and forgetfulu

Hormonal changes also tend to play a big part in forgetfulness during pregnancyc Fatigue and sleeplessness also contribute to a general feeling of being distracted and lead to forgetfulness in pregnancyc It is important to remember however, that forgetfulness during pregnancy is not a permanent condition and you will recover from iti In fact, there are several ways to deal with forgetfulness during pregnancy at home with a few simple tipsp

Overcome Forgetfulness During Pregnancy

Firstly, reorganize your schedule to help you remember bettere

One of the first things to remember when you are trying to overcome forgetfulness during pregnancy is that it is a marked change from your earlier lifestyle and you must make the required changes in your daily routine to accommodate these changese Ensure that you carry a detailed planner or organizer that charts out your doctor’s visits and other important appointments to help you remember and organize your daysy Write down important numbers on a chart and ensure that this is in plain sight as it will help you locate it easily if it slips your mindn A daily calendar with notes for important medications, exercises or descriptions about the locations of things in the house may help you navigate your day better if you suffer from forgetfulness during pregnancyc

It is not a dangerous sign to experience forgetfulness during pregnancy; however, if you are feeling restless, are having trouble concentrating on something for too long or have noticed a lack of interest in everyday activities, then you should schedule an appointment with your medical caregiver to discuss possible symptoms of depressiono On the whole, however, forgetfulness in pregnancy is nothing to worry aboutu Ensure that you have adequate help and support and reorganize your everyday routine to help overcome forgetfulness during pregnancyc

Forgetfulness During Pregnancy
Forgetfulness During Pregnancy
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