Is depression common in last part of third trimester pregnancy?

(February 2, 2010)

Although some mothers may experience some levels of depression in the final trimester, it is by no means a common characteristic of this time period. An expecting mother does have a number of anxieties about this critical time span. There may be some unexpected shifts in moods as well. This can be especially true of those who are expecting their first child. In fact some levels of stress may actually be beneficial and motivate the expecting mother to seek out help and information when it is needed most. However like most other challenges in life, the fact that one feels certain levels of anxiety in no way means that should expect to feel depression and a morbid frame of mind.

One of the reasons for this anxiety could be a fear of the pain that may be experienced during the birthing process. As mentioned above, this can be especially true for first-time mothers. An important way to handle anxiety about this issue as well as ensuring that physical discomfort at the time of the delivery is alleviated is to make sure that certain exercises and breathing techniques that are recommended by the doctor /prenatal care classes are practiced and followed on the actual day.

Another reason for feeling out of sorts could be concerns about physical attractiveness that surface when the changes in body shape and size are the most obvious. While pregnancy can be a time of great joy, it is also a time that requires a lot of changes in mental attitudes about the self and others. The expecting mother could perceive her increases in body weight and size negatively and this dissatisfaction could lead to a negative shift in moods. In stead of depriving the baby of nourishment by following unhealthy diets or over exercising at this time, the expecting mother can ensure that the recommended increase of about 300 calories a day is met via healthy eating habits. Instead of a punishing exercise regimen, it would be best to work in a gentle physical activity program that not only leads to physical health, but also promotes mental calmness and stability. This will ensure that once the baby is born, the mother can continue with such a healthy lifestyle and get back to a comfortable body weight without unduly stressing herself, or the baby.

In conclusion, there may be some changes in mental states that could result from various aspects of the pregnancy. Handling these shifts in a healthy manner, using a combination of physical exercise and affirmative thinking, can lead to a sound mind in a sound body, and the delivery of a healthy baby.

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