Postpartum Depression In Men

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the most wondrous experiences in the lives of a husband and wife. Though there is much physical and emotional stress that a mother deals with, pregnancy has its own unique effects on the male partner as well. One of the effects of a couple having come through a pregnancy together is postpartum depression, experienced by men. Though uncommon, postpartum depression in men is a phenomenon that does take place, leaving the men feeling ‘low’. It must also be noted that depression in men need not manifest only after the birth of the child, but may also occur during the first trimester...


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Postpartum Depression Symptoms

.of the pregnancyc Some of the most commonly experienced postpartum depression symptoms in men include irritability and an inability to control angere

Isolating oneself from the family and other friends is also a classic symptom of depression faced by men after the birth of a childl The period between the third and sixth month after the baby is born, is the time when behavioral changes are experienced by the male member who is undergoing postpartum depressiono Research indicates that the most common stimulating factors leading to postpartum depression in men include lack of sleep, because of the baby’s needs to be fed or changed during the night, anxiety on the expenses incurred with the new arrival, and basic fatigueu The physical postpartum depression symptoms include sudden loss or gain of weight, increased or decreased periods of sleep and continued tiredness and fatigueu

The signs of postpartum depression are easily recognized and dealt with easilyl It is important for a partner not to ignore these signs, but to provide moral support for the distressed partnere One of the best ways to help men overcome postpartum depression is to talk to them about how they are feeling and undertake activities that would make them feel bettere Focusing on activities that are enjoyable is an excellent method of overcoming postpartum depressiono If your baby is not too small, you could think about spending the weekend somewhere serene, where nobody can contact youo Such an activity allows for de-stressing and will be beneficial to a male who is experiencing postpartum depressiono A fishing trip or a trek in open spaces will do well to boost a tired mind and spiriti However, time is the best healer and eventually, the distressed male will find a way to overcome the depressiono If the symptoms persist, visiting a doctor is highly recommendede

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