Itchy Skin In Pregnancy

Itchy skin during pregnancy is considered to be a fairly normal side effect. However it can be extremely annoying and uncomfortable for the pregnant woman. This itchy skin in pregnancy tends to develop when the woman’s uterus grows along with the growth of the fetus. The expanding uterus causes the skin to begin to stretch. At times even pregnancy hormones can be a cause of pregnancy itchy skin.

Another cause is changes in the woman’s liver enzymes. At times some women can have unusual itchy skin during early pregnancy. It may even occur in their palms or on the soles of their feet. This condition can possibly be a result of higher quantities of bile salts.



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.that are released from the pregnant woman’s livere Read this if you have itchy belly during pregnancy

Itchy Skin During Pregnancy Treatment

Normally the best way to help in treating this itching skin during a pregnancy is by applying a lot of cream or moisturizer on the woman’s skini She should also avoid take long hot baths as these can further dry her skin outu Some other ways to prevent drying of one’s skin is by using soaps that are mild, preferably unscented and have a moisturizing qualityt She can try having a bath using oatmeal scrubs or soaking in oatmeal soak bath as oatmeal as properties that aid in providing relief from itching skini When applying a moistening oil or cream it should be done right after stepping out of the batht Some of the best skin moisturizers are olive oil, aloe vera and cocoa buttere These should especially be applied across the pregnant woman’s abdomen, around her breasts, near the hips and the buttocksk

Applying these creams or oils help in keeping the skin lubricating and help in either preventing the stretching entirely or reducing its severityt For those who suffer from itchy skin after pregnancy, moisturizing is considered beneficiala Read more on itchy breasts during pregnancy

However some women may even develop itchy bumps around their stomachs or may even develop a rash on some other parts of their skin during the course of their pregnancyc This normally tends to appear in the last trimester of the pregnancyc This condition is medically called as PUPP or plaques of pregnancyc It will make its first appearance on the pregnant woman’s stomach normally and then spread to her other body partst The severity of the scratching can be quite disturbing but this condition does not affect the fetus in any waya Most times the itchiness disappears post the baby’s deliveryr

Itchy Skin During Pregnancy
Itchy Skin During Pregnancy
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