Itchy Palms During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on February 15, 2012

When a woman gets pregnant her body undergoes a variety of changes. Some of these changes include weight gain due to the growing fetus, similarly an expanding uterus to accommodate the growing fetus, some changes to the woman's skin and changes to the pregnant woman's breasts. Itchy palms and feet during pregnancy is another common problem that pregnant women face. It is considered quite normal for a pregnant woman to feel itchy all over. This is mainly a result of her skin beginning to stretch due to the pregnancy.


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However, itchy palms during pregnancy is not considered as normal as itchy breasts and stomach. Itchy palms in pregnancy can be a result of extreme dryness of skin. Read more on itchy belly during pregnancy

Hormones are also found to play a big role in the itchiness one feels in pregnancy.

The itching may cause the hands, feet, stomach etc to get sore and red and may feel very uncomfortable. It can at times even become quite painful. The hormones that cause the itchiness are called as oestrogen. Once the baby is born this itchiness of the skin will usually go away. Itching on the palms and feet can also be a result of an eczema infection. It may develop in the first pregnancy but not show up in the next pregnancies. Normally eczema will develop in certain areas of the body and not necessarily all over. Some other causes of itching of skin during pregnancy include thrush or scabies. When a pregnant woman visits her doctor or her midwife she should highlight this problem too them. Explore more about Skin Care During Pregnancy

There are various ways in which one can deal with an itchy palms pregnancy. The first thing to do is to avoid having very hot baths as this can lead to drying of one's skin and thus leading to excessive itching. One should also try and avoid soap products that cause excessive drying. Deodorants are another product to avoid. One can try lubricating the skin with cocoa butter or olive oil. These contain properties that help in moisturizing and soothing the itchiness of the palms. Oatmeal is another substance that is useful in reducing the itchiness of one's body. Try rubbing some coconut oil on the palms to reduce the itching. Some doctors may prescribe a topical treatment to deal with this condition of itching skin if normal moisturizing does not help. Check and see if there are some ingredients in the creams or lotions that one uses on one's hands that might eb causing an irritation of the skin.

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