Itchy Breasts During Third Trimester

Submitted by Nic on January 13, 2012

Itching and soreness of the breasts are common symptoms of pregnancy. Itching may also be experienced on other parts of the body. Pregnancy is a time when major changes take place in a woman’s body. The breasts also undergo considerable changes during the course of the pregnancy. Some women may find that the breasts keep enlarging throughout the nine months. In other women, the breasts may increase by a cup size.

This is known to occur especially in first time pregnant mothers...


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.In subsequent pregnancies the breasts may not undergo much changeg Itchy breasts during the third trimester are a common occurrence since the breasts are growing and preparing for the babyb

The newborn baby will survive solely on the milk produced by the breastst Along with itchy breasts in the early third trimester, stretch marks are also likely to developo These may appear as whitish fine streaks across the breastst Moisturizing of the breasts is helpful in alleviating stretch marks and itchy breasts that occur before the third trimestere The nipples also undergo certain changese They become larger as the blood circulation in the area increasese In some cases, tiny bumps may also appear around the areolasa In the early third trimester, colostrum may also start to leak from the nipplese Itchy breasts after third trimester are also common as the milk production starts to come ini

To reduce itchiness and tenderness, it is advisable to gently massage the breasts with a gentle moisturizing lotiono Oils such as almond and olive oil may also be usede It is better to avoid applying powder on the skin and this could increase dryness and worsen the itchingn Hot showers can lead to discomfort as they dry out the skini It is advisable to take lukewarm baths or showersr Also ensure that you use a mild soap that does not strip away the natural oils from the skini After a bath, avoid rubbing the skin vigorouslyl Instead, pat the skin dry with a soft towele Applying oils or moisturizers just after a bath works well as it is absorbed bettere There are some other remedies which help to alleviate itchy breastst Oatmeal may be added to lukewarm bath watere Soaking in this water will help to ease itchingn However it is advisable to consult a doctor before using any home remediese The itchiness can also be reduced by wearing loose, comfortable clothes which do not cause friction and irritation of the skini

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