Itchy Nipples During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

Pregnancy is a period that brings about a number of changes in the expectant mother. As happy an occasion as it may be, these changes tend to cause a great deal of discomfort which leave any pregnant woman waiting eagerly for the end of her pregnancy term, not only to hold her baby in her arms, but also to be rid of all these uncomfortable changes. One such discomforting change includes itchy nipples during pregnancy. The first change that a pregnant woman experiences with regard to her breasts is tenderness or soreness.


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This happens as a result of the hormonal changes that are a part and parcel of pregnancy and an expectant mother is most likely to feel immense pain as the breasts become extremely sensitive. The hormonal changes also results in increased blood flow to the breasts making the breasts bigger as well as heavier. The nipples also tend to get sensitive and even slight touch could leave behind a tingling sensation.

An itchy nipple during pregnancy is a common occurrence which could prove to be rather embarrassing, especially when it occurs in the midst of people. The main cause of itchy nipples during early pregnancy is the stretching of the skin on the breasts due to the increasing size of the breasts, as they prepare to meet the demands of the baby after birth. This often leads to the formation of stretch marks as well. The problem of itchy nipples during pregnancy in the third trimester could become more severe as the breasts become very big by this stage.

The best form of relief for itchy nipples during pregnancy is the use of a moisturizer after every bath or as often as needed so as to keep the skin on the nipples and breasts hydrated and supple. ‘Itchy nipples during pregnancy’ treatment also includes massaging the nipples lightly with petroleum jelly. Consulting your doctor with regard to a moisturizer to fight ugly stretch marks is also recommended. Avoid the use of highly fragranced soaps or other skin products as the added chemicals tend to dry the skin further. During pregnancy, the skin tends to become more sensitive. Hence, the use of strong fabric conditioners or detergents, especially for undergarments, must also be avoided.  The use of well fitting bras further reduces itchiness triggered by unwanted friction caused by loose bras or trapped perspiration or suffocation caused by tight bras.

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