Itchy Breasts During Early Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on August 13, 2012

A woman's breasts undergo several changes during pregnancy and itchy breasts in early pregnancy are one of them. Keep in mind that not all women will experience itchy breasts in early pregnancy. There are many women who do not experience this at all. There is very little medical evidence that supports itchy breasts in early pregnancy in relation to pregnancy. However, there are some possible reasons for this occurring. Some women even feel that itchy breasts are an early sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your breasts will increase in size.


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As they keep growing bigger, you might notice some itching. Itchy breasts in early pregnancy occur due to the skin stretching. Skin stretching is the main reason behind nipple itching in early pregnancy.

Hormones are another reason for this itchiness on the breasts during pregnancy. Hormonal changes are the main reasons for breast tenderness and soreness in pregnancy. If a woman experiences itchy breasts in early pregnancy hormones are generally considered to be the reason behind this. Another cause for itchy breasts during pregnancy could be contact dermatitis. This is an allergic reaction that could occur if you have purchased new bras or even changed your washing detergent. If you suspect that this is the problem, change your detergent. Take cool showers to relieve the itching and invest in a good moisturizer as well.

Apart from this itchiness on the breasts, a woman's breasts will also undergo many other changes. Tenderness is one of the main symptoms and often considered a sign of early pregnancy as well. The symptoms of breast tenderness a woman experiences in her pregnancy will depend on her age and how many children she has already given birth too. Some common symptoms or changes a woman might find in her breasts are listed below:

  • Increased blood flow: Hormonal changes are once again responsible for this. Increased blood flow may make the breasts feel tingly, swollen and sore. The breasts can be unusually sensitive at this time too.
  • Stretch marks: As the breasts get bigger and continue to grow (some women even go up two cup sizes if it is their first pregnancy), the skin will stretch and this will cause stretch marks.
  • Changes in the nipples: Itchy nipples in early pregnancy are common too. The nipples will also grow bigger and darker and after the first few months of pregnancy, the areolas will be darker and bigger as well.
  • Changes in breast tissue: The breast tissue will also begin to change. Milk producing cells and milk ducts will start forming. This will make the breasts grow and change in shape as well. As more layers of fat accumulate under your breasts. This will change the breast size as well.
  • Other symptoms at this time include: noticeable veins that are crisscrossing the breasts, heaviness in the breast, throbbing or tingling breasts during intercourse, a burning or throbbing pain in the breasts.

This breast tenderness and itchiness can be very uncomfortable and wear women down. Women might find it difficult to exercise at the gym or even walk up stairs. Something as simple as sleeping on one's stomach may be very painful as well. Keep the following in mind to deal with these breast related problems during pregnancy.

The most important point is to go out and buy a proper and comfortable bra. Go to the bra department or a maternity store to get measured.

Buy cotton bras - these are more comfortable and allow your breasts to breathe more easily too. Choose a supportive bra (that has room for growth), especially if you continue to exercise in the pregnancy.

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