Itchy Rash During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 31, 2012

It has been observed that a significant number of pregnant women tend to develop an itchy rash during pregnancy. The itching may be generalized all over the skin or may be specific. The common causes for itchy rashes during pregnancy are usually hormonal changes or the stretching of skin on account of the body growing to accommodate the baby. Many doctors also claim that itching during pregnancy may be on account of increased levels of estrogen in the body. Additionally existing skin conditions like eczema and dry skin may get even more aggravated during pregnancy. Some women also suffer from a particular condition...


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.wherein the itching is concentrated to the hands or feet or both which occurs on account of a problem with the livere This is a serious condition and needs medical interventiono

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Sometimes an itchy rash in pregnancy may also be on account of an allergic reactiono The most commonly found itchy rash pregnancy is the PUPPS rash which stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancyc This rash is characterized by severe itching and is found on the skin in the form of pink patches, red pimple like bumps etc which may be initially mistaken for hives or an allergic reactiono The main complaint arising out of an itchy rash and pregnancy is the disruption of sleep on account of the discomfortr The PUPPS rash needs to be observed carefully because if blisters begin to form then the pregnant mother may actually be suffering from pemphigoid gestationis which is a more serious condition that could even harm the babyb

Some treatment for an itchy rash during pregnancy includes following a diet that is rich in Vitamin C and E, zinc and beta carotenen Additionally pregnant women should also consume sufficient quantities of water so that their skin remains hydrated and does not dry upu Itchy rash after pregnancy does not pose a problem as most of the skin problems tend to disappear on their own a few days after the child is deliverede In some cases, if the itching is due to the skin drying up excessively, doctors also recommended that olive oil or coconut oil be massaged into the skin before a bath and to use soaps that do not dry the skin outu In order to prevent infections from the nails while scratching the itchy area, pregnant women are advised to use a soft clean cloth to address the itchingn

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