Various Types of Rashes That Affect a Toddler

Toddler facial rash (rash on toddler’s face) or rash on the body can affect a toddler. There are various types of rashes, and to identify the kind of rash that’s affecting your child, you need to understand the symptoms. Let’s understand the various types of rash that can affect a toddler.

Heat rash

If your toddler has a pimply rash or small red bumps on the back, stomach,....


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Heat rash

...chest, neck, edges of the diaper, underarms, and forehead, then he might have a heat rash. You can prevent this by dressing your child in airy clothes in summer and taking him to a cooler room or to a shady area, where he isn’t exposed to the sun and the heat.


If your toddler has welts on the skin that are raised, red and swollen and itch a lot, then he might have hives. These hives appear anywhere on the body, and can last for anywhere between an hour to months. To treat this, you might need an anti-histamine medicine, calamine lotion, and avoid the allergen. More on toddler rashes

Diaper rash

If your toddler has puffy, red skin in the diaper area, and red and warm skin in the area where the child wears the diaper, then this might be a diaper rash. He’ll feel uncomfortable every time you change his diaper. To prevent and treat diaper rash, keep the diaper area clean, change the diapers regularly, and tie the diaper in such a way that there is some amount of air circulation.


This itchy rash is visible behind the knees and in the insides of the elbows. The skin is scaly, dry and thick, with tiny red bumps. Do take your toddler to a doctor for an effective treatment plan.

Yeast infection

This infection causes a thick red rash that tends to be worse in the folds of the skin or in those parts of the body that are moist and humid. You need to apply a topical cream on the rash, and for oral yeast infection the doctor can prescribe medicines to treat the condition.


These crusty and scaly rashes are in the shape of a ring – circular with a smooth centre and scaly periphery.

Head lice

If your child has been scratching her head and you can spot nits, then the child has head lice.


Scabies causes a very itchy rash that is scattered around the body in red patches. You can find these rashes in the area of the lower abdomen, nipples, navel, armpits, elbows, wrists, fingers, and genitals.

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