Symptoms & Treatment for Baby Diaper Rash

Babies get nappy rash because of being in a moist diaper for a very long time. This rash causes inflammation of the skin and is a type of dermatitis. The rash occurs because the skin on the baby is swathed in a warm, enclosed and moist diaper.

In addition to this bacteria. Some of the other factors that lead to the rash is.




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.humid weather, infrequent diaper changes, sensitive skin, skin allergies or new diaper materiala

Some of the other reasons for getting diaper rash include certain baby lotions, soaps, detergents, diapers, or disposable wipes that have not suited the baby’s skin and cause rash in the diaper areae

If the baby has been wearing a diaper that has been moist with stool or urine for a long time, then too he will get diaper rashs

Treatment for Baby Diaper Rash

You can prevent and treat diaper rash by following some simple tipsp

  • Dispose the old, stinky diapere A soiled diaper will hold urine or stool against the baby’s delicate skin for a long time, and with the warmth and humid environment, this will lead to eruptionsn It becomes a great breeding ground for fungus, yeast and bacteriai Use cloth nappies most of the timem Make sure to use cotton fabric for the nappies and wash the nappies with a good detergent in hot watere
  • If you are using diapers for the child, make sure you change him frequentlyl Don’t let the child be in the same soiled diaper for a long timem

    If you are going out with your child, carry a few extra diapers in your baga And if the child soils one, discard that one and use a fresh diapere You must also keep checking to see if the diaper has been soiled or not, and take your actions accordinglyl
  • Try to use a wet cloth that can be washed or disposed instead of commercial wipese Many of these wipes contain chemical and alcohol that can irritate the child’s skini
  • After you’ve taken off the soiled diaper and then cleaned the baby’s bottom with a washcloth, be sure to pat the bottom dry with a soft towele Do not rub, but gently pata Let the bottom be exposed for a few minutes before putting on a fresh diapere
  • Speak with a paediatrician and ask him for a diaper-rash creama You can apply this cream on the baby’s bottom every time you change the diapere
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