Toddler Rash All Over Body

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

A rash can be both exasperating and painful for anyone, and if it affects a toddler it can be really worrisome. A toddler rash all over the body can be an uncomfortable experience for the baby, making it irritable and cranky.

Rashes are nothing but an inflammation of the skin, resulting in red spots accompanied with changes in skin texture and color. They can appear on specific areas of the body or all over. They may be itchy or non-itchy. Generally, they disappear on their own in a few days, but a toddler allergy all over the body...


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... needs a doctor’s attention to rule out any serious illnesses. Often, rashes are caused due to allergies to certain kind of foods, insect stings, dyes or medicines, reactions to vaccinations, sunburns, or friction in skin caused by clothes. Diaper rashes manifest when the diaper is worn for long hours; an unhygienic environment is one of the main reasons for toddler diaper rash.

While looking for toddler rashes all over the baby’s body, check for symptoms like sore throat, fever, and fatigue; also check if the rash is itchy. In the case of chicken pox, the rashes can turn into blisters all over the body that rupture into lesions forming a crust. Chicken pox may persist for about 12 to 21 days. There are various strains of chicken pox; in some, the blistering is more in the abdominal area, while in others, it could on the arms, legs, scalp, and groin.

Toddler spots all over the body can appear if the child is affected by German measles. The rashes are pink spots that appear on the face and later spread all over the body. They are often caused by swelling of the lymph nodes behind the ears. There is no cause for worry as this kind of toddler rash all over the body disappears in three to four days. In the case of measles, the symptoms are brown rashes all over the body, fever, nasal congestion, cough, and redness of the eyes. Vaccines to prevent measles are easily available in the market. They are a safe and effective way to prevent measles in toddlers.

Another type of toddler rash all over the body is Roseola infantum, which affects infants below two years of age. The rashes appear first in the abdomen area and then spread across the body. They disappear in two to three days. Scarlet fever also causes toddler rash all over the body along with fever and sore throat. Rashes commonly result in a toddler itch all over the body. It is important that the toddler is not allowed to scratch the affected areas as it can worsen the situation. A cold compress with a thick wash cloth can help relieve the toddler of the soreness and reduce fever. To prevent a toddler rash all over the body, it is essential to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic.

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