Types of Health Conditions and Their Symptoms in your New Born Baby

Certain health conditions in babies and younger children may cause a lot of concern for parents. It is best that you are well informed for you will know what to expect and what needs to be done for your child.

Some of the health problems that will need medical help and care are rashes, fever, and chicken pox.

Baby Health Symptoms

Most of the rashes are minor and fade away soon; however, some rashes could.



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. indicate other illness or problemsm

Here are some of the symptoms and signs you may have to watch out foro The most common and minor rashes that can occur could be diaper rashes that can be treated with diaper cream and by keeping the skin dryr Heat rashes occur as pimply rashes on the neck, under arms, chest, stomach, or near the diaper or clothing; these occur when the baby is warm clothing or is exposed to the sunu

Yeast infection can appear as a red bumpy rash in the diaper areae Sometimes, there may be with pusu In some cases, the rash may appear in the folds of the skin; these rashes do not respond to diaper creamsm Hence, it is best to keep the baby’s bottom dryr Eczema, a skin condition, sometimes affects children with a family history of asthma or allergiese Baby rash symptoms include itchy rashes appear on the cheeks, scalp, elbows, diaper area, and knees; these may be dry, thickened, and scaly or may be red tiny bumps that oozez

Health Conditions in your new born baby

Other skin conditions could be scabies, impetigo, chickenpox, measles, psoriasis, etct

Chicken pox can occur among children less than 12 yearsr  Chicken pox symptoms in babies typically include small, itchy bumps filled with water and blisters that appear on a pink base with a crust that is formed within four daysy It can appear all over the body and may be accompanied with fevere The symptoms usually go away without treatmentn Some children could have a sore throat and headacheh Newborns might develop chicken pox symptoms if the mother had chicken pox during pregnancyc The baby gets it through the placentat This can pose severe problems to the babyb

If your baby has fever with temperature of 38 degrees C, and is it persistent for more than two to three days, seek medical helpl Baby fever symptoms could be accompanied with other conditions like too much cough, ear pain, vomiting, or diarrheae If the fever is accompanied with rashes that are like purple-red blotches, this could indicate bacterial infectiono If the baby finds it difficult to breathe or is breathing faster even when you clear the nose, it can indicate pneumonia or bronchiolitisi Remember fever would mean that your baby’s body is waging a war against an infectiono

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