Reasons For Toddler Crying Inconsolably At Nightime

The incessant wails of a child are always a cause of concern for the parents. Although crying is looked upon as a regular behavioral pattern in children, it should not be ignored. A child cries primarily because something is causing him or her discomfort.

Determining what the problem is can however prove to be quite a task. If in case a toddler appears to be crying constantly for no apparent reason and for prolonged periods of time, then consulting his or her pediatrician is highly recommended.


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Toddlers cry due to a wide variety of reasons. A newborn cries when it is hungry; however other factors such as tiredness, discomfort, dirty nappy and colic could also induce the wails. It is during the first few months that a child cries the most. Once the baby is about 3-4 months of age, the crying episodes will have reduced.

Toddler crying inconsolably - ear infection

Surprisingly enough, ear infections are quite common among toddlers and young children. A child will have at least 2-3 ear infections in the first two years of its life. The ear is divided into three parts, the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. There are a large number of factors which contribute towards ear infections in children, such as being constantly exposed to cigarette smoke, bottle feeding and day care attendance.

An infection or inflammation of the toddler's middle ear is referred to as otitis media; this is the most common type of ear infection. This condition is brought about by the accumulation of fluid, mainly pus, within the middle ear. This condition can cause a great deal of pain and some of the symptoms to look out for are; the child may constantly pull at his or her ear due to the pain, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep, fever, vomiting and nausea, shows no response to soft sounds and constant crying. Ear infections are a serious condition that requires prompt medical attention.

Toddler crying inconsolably - itchy rash

A rash is basically an outbreak of many red patches or bumps on the toddler's skin. The location as well as the severity of the rash will help in determining its cause. Although some rashes tend to subside on their own accord, some rashes such as eczema and scabies may require medical attention. If in case your toddler appears to cry inconsolably due to an itchy skin rash, then consult their pediatrician immediately.

Toddler Crying Inconsolably
Toddler Crying Inconsolably
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