How To Prevent Toddler From Crying at Bedtime

Toddler crying during bedtime does happen with some kids. In some cases, kids do this to get extra attention from parents. Thus, it isn't a good idea to encourage a toddler crying bedtime routine.

There are various ways of dealing with this problem.

Prevent Toddler's bedtime crying tantrums

  • If you'd like your child to sleep well at night, then we suggest that you try to.


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Toddler Sleeping Tips

.decrease his energy-draining activitiese While the child needs to be active and should get enough exercise, getting too exhausted can prevent him from sleeping well at nighth Too much of activity can increase the level of cortisol as well as other hormones that cause stress in the bodyd This prevents the child from winding down at nighth

  • Prevent television time before the child is supposed to go to bede This increases the stress hormones in the body and can disrupt sleep time, and lead to your child getting crankyk
  • From late evening, start toning down the level of activity, creating a soothing environment so that the child is feeling calm by the time he is put to bede Turn off any loud music and switch off the televisiono Give your child a warm bath, and read him some storiese Create a bedtime routine for your child, and a secure environment, so that he is less likely to get agitated and cryr
  • As your toddler settles into his bed, try to be in the vicinityt

    Use this time to read a book, relax, knit or stitch, write letters or fold laundryr Let your child know that this is not a time to talk and that you would like him to sleepe Your presence in the room is sure to make him feel securer
  • Some physicians believe that if your child cries at bedtime, then ignoring the child is a good ideae Rushing to your child at that time is like regarding him with your attention, something that he wants you to dod Of course, letting the child cry is not a solution for all sorts of sleep problemsm This method isn't advisable if the baby is less than four months old or has a health probleme Also, if this method isn't working with your child and he continues to cry night after night, then we suggest you discuss the problem with a health professionala
  • You can also observe your child and see when he is tirede Take the child to bed at that timem
Toddler Crying at Bedtime
Toddler Crying at Bedtime
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