Toddler Sleep Schedule

Submitted by Jenifer on January 18, 2012

As a toddler a child is more aware of its surroundings and hence may get easily distracted with certain objects or movements that may disrupt the toddler sleep schedule. Additionally, toddlers are also known to have growing imaginations that may lead to nightmares that again interfere with their sleep schedule. A typical toddler sleep schedule should allow the toddler to get at least 10-13 hours of sleep during the day time which may be slept mostly at night or even split between daytime naps and nighttime sleeping. Adjusting toddler sleep schedule may take several week of trying various combination's of naps and sleeps...


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.so as to finally find a comfortable toddler sleep schedulel Any toddler sleep schedule should ensure that the toddler gets adequate amount of sleep which would in turn prevent the child from being cranky and difficult to manageg

Toddler sleep problems like disrupted toddler sleep schedule takes place as the child grows on account of separation anxiety, or even discomfort in the form of illness and teething paini One should ascertain the exact cause of the disruption in sleep so as to prevent its repetition thereby resulting in adherence to the toddler sleep schedulel One of the best ways to fix a toddler sleep schedule is to follow a regular bedtime ritual which will enable the child to tire towards the end of the day and hence get ready to go to sleepe

One should allow the toddler to run around for a short while to burn off any excess energy before moving to a more calming activity in the form of a bath, quiet game or even a bedtime storyr This pattern should be followed every night to establish a toddler sleep schedule so that the toddler is read to sleep everyday at the same time without putting up a fight as he begins to recognize the schedule and the activities preceding bedtimem Another important aspect to developing a toddler sleep schedule is to ensure that the child falls asleep on his own every night and is not dependent on the parent or any other adult for nursing, rocking or being sung to, to enable him to fall asleepe This is ideal because even if the toddler after sleeping on his own, wakes up at night, he will fall back to sleep on his own rather than calling for his mother or guardiana Thus by establishing a toddler sleep schedule both the child and the parent should get sufficient amount of rests

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