Toddler Sleep Training & Problems

Getting a toddler to bed might be one of the biggest challenges faced by young parents. Between toddler sleep disorders and toddler sleep tantrums, exhausted parents are usually at a loss of how to get their bundle of joy to get a complete night’s sleep. There may be a number of toddler sleep problems that keep your young toddler from enjoying nap time. Toddler sleep problems vary from toddler sleep apnea, toddler insecurities, toddler tantrums, to the kid just wanting to spend more time with the parents.

Unfortunately poor toddler sleep takes a heavy toll on the little one. It costs him a bundle of energy, leaves him cranky the following day and unhappy. It also leaves the parents exhausted.


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There are certain rules and measures parents can undertake to ensure their child gets a good night’s sleep:

Toddler Sleep Apnea

If your toddler suffers from a condition like sleep apnea, he is unlikely to get a complete night’s sleep. Sleep apnea leads to an interruption the airflow to the lungs due to blockages in the toddler’s airways. As a result not enough oxygen is supplied to the toddler’s lungs during the time that he is asleep. While adults also suffer from sleep apnea, it does raise a little more concern when it occurs in children.  The most common causes of blockage in young kids include enlarged tonsils, allergies and facial features like cleft palate. It is important to get in touch with your child’s doctor to come up with a treatment plan.

Need for Toddler Sleep Training

It is very important to train your toddler for bed time. Toddler sleep is a crucial part of the child’s growth and development. Without proper sleep your child is going to be bad tempered and unhappy. However your toddler will never want to leave you and go to bed. The only way to get around this is to establish an unbreakable routine.

This routine has to be adhered to at all costs. It is the only way your child will adopt this regime, and enjoy complete sleep.

Pre-bedtime Routines for toddlers

Your toddler doesn’t want to sleep without you. He wants to stay up and play, watch TV and be one of the adults. It is therefore important to create a fun and relaxing pre-bedtime routine. This should include a warm bath, full of toys and jokes and laughter. Have a conversation with your toddler as he splashed in the water. Follow this up with a relaxing massage. Teach the toddler to dress for bed, a very adult activity that he’ll want to learn. And as you tuck him in bed read him a story or sing a song as he falls asleep.

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