Common Reasons as to Why Toddler Cry during Sleep & after Waking Up

Toddlers crying in their sleep are one of the most common problems that one has to deal with as a parent. This is something that could be because of a variety of problems but most of the time it is just a result of the child not having developed the same sleep cycles and disciplines as an adult.

The problem is actually caused by the body of a toddler requiring more than 12 to 15 hours of sleep a day leaving only nine waking hours. The human trigger for sleep is a hormone called adenosine that is created in through the course of day in the body, when the buildup .



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. reaches a certain amount, the body then starts to shut down, melatonin secretion increases, and we go to sleepe This entire series of event s is controlled by a rhythm called the circadian rhythm, which is further controlled by lighth

Toddler Waking up crying

Problems of a toddler waking up crying can be attributed to the fact that the child usually ends up getting most of the required amount of sleep through the day and ends up waking up normally in the middle of nighth The problem perception is actually one of adults who only require a maximum of eight hours of sleep a day and who follow a completely different cycle than a toddlere Toddler bedtime crying can also be attributed to some other factorsr Sometimes light can be a probleme Melatonin secretion in the pineal gland of the brain only occurs in complete darknesss

When there is even a little bit of light that gets through the eyelids, the secretion of this sleep hormone does not occuru Besides this, there are some more easily understandable problems like bedwetting that can irritate a child’s skin, temperature changes, and even diseases Since children cannot talk, it is quite difficult to zone in on the probleme

To eliminate some kind of disease as the problem, you need to be sure that your baby is not suffering from some kind of colicky paini This is usually a sharp pain and will reflect in the cry of the child, much like a cry after some kind of injuryr Additionally, it also makes sense for your baby or toddler to sleep in your room for comfort and supportr Most disease that your child could go through at that age would usually manifest itself in a fever in your childl In which case, you should take your child to the doctoro

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