Settling your baby

By Ashley | January 7, 2010
Settling Your Baby To Sleep

While having a baby is both exciting and fulfilling, sometimes understanding the various requirements of a baby can be difficult, particularly for first-time parents. One of the most difficult tasks is how to settle a new born baby. Since a good sleeping pattern is important for the normal growth and development of the baby, settling a baby is significant for its development.

Tips to Settle your New Born Baby

Here are a few tips on how to correctly settle your baby:

  1. Babies must be fed on time. This is because untimely feeding may disrupt the sleep cycle of the baby.
  2. You must keep in mind that crying is a usual part of a baby’s day-to-day routine. Hence, do not try to suppress the crying.
  3. You must try to identify how tired your baby is. Key indicators include yawning and crying. If your baby is tired, it needs sleep.
  4. You must let your baby distinguish between day and night. For this purpose, you should allow your baby to sleep as long as it wishes during the night, but you must not let it sleep for more than four hours between feeds during the day.
  5. You should distract your tired baby and try to keep it awake during day time.
  6. You must ensure that your baby is comfortable while sleeping. Your baby doesn’t need the room to be dark, but it does need the room to be quiet.
  7. Babies tend to recognize what they are expected to do. Hence, all members of the family should adopt similar patterns when putting the baby to sleep. This helps the baby settle down and get proper sleep.
  8. If your baby settles down quickly but wakes up soon after settling, you must try to find the reason for its discomfort.
  9. You must think of what your baby needs as it grows. Babies are not mature enough to understand what they need to be comfortable, but you are.
  10. You must understand that younger babies do not need toys to settle down in order to sleep comfortably. However, as the baby grows, you can put a few stuffed toys in its cot so that it can cuddle the toy while sleeping.
  11. You must make your baby sleep in a position on his/her back. It is unsafe for babies to sleep on their tummies as the latter may cause sudden infant death syndrome.

You are recommended to consult your pediatrician to help you settle your baby better.

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