How To Establish Pre-Bedtime Routine In Toddlers

No matter how tired or sleepy a toddler is, he finds enough energy to resist bedtime and throw toddler bedtime tantrums. The toddler finds any and every excuse to climb out of bed, especially when moved to his own bed; ask for just a few more minutes before sleeping; asking to sleep in mum and dad’s bed, or for their toys.  This tantrum takes a lot of energy making the toddler cranky and leaving the parents exhausted.

In addition if the toddler doesn’t get enough sleep, it will show the following day through his cranky behavior Establishing a toddler.



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. bedtime routine is therefore essential, for both the toddler and the parentst For the toddler, this routine instills discipline, structure and ensures he gets as much sleep as he needsd For the parents, it gives them some time to relax and unwind, without having to chase after the toddlere 

Establish Pre Bedtime Routine

There’s only one place to start when instilling toddler bedtime routine, and that’s zeroing on a consistent routinen This routine has to be enforced daily regardless of the individual parent schedulese If bedtime is seven, the toddler should be ready in bed at that timem Making an exception early on in the routine leaves a gap open for tantrumsm Gradually, the toddler also develops the habit of falling asleep at the stated time without too much fusss

Complete All Pre-bedtime Routines

Make sure you take your toddler through all the pre-bedtime routines before the established bedtimem This includes the toddler brushing teeth routine, bathing, the pre bedtime glass of milk or water, a visit to the toilet before bed, the proper settings on the glow light, or a bedtime storyr

This will ensure your toddler doesn’t have an excuse to climb out of bed and delay bedtimem

Warm Baths

One of the important pre bed time routines that all families should adopt is the pre bedtime soak in the tubu Let the toddler play in a warm bath for some time before bede Throw in his water toys as well and sit in the bathroom for a relaxed chat with the toddler or to play games and singn The bath is soothing and cleansing after a long day and it may help the toddler sleep off easilyl

Bedroom Theme

One of the biggest problems parents face is that toddlers don’t like being alone in their bedsd Make their room and bed a warm and fun placec Today stores offer great theme beds and beddingsg Choose from race car beds and princess themes; choose sheets and blankets with your toddler’s favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters; pick up interesting glow lightst Make bedtime something to look forward to and not something to escapep

Toddler Bedtime Routine
Toddler Bedtime Routine
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