Pregnancy Symptoms Insomnia

By Ashley | December 7, 2009
Pregnancy Symptoms - Insomnia

There are a vast number of possible pregnancy symptoms and one has to understand that women can experience rather unique symptoms when they get pregnant. This is why it becomes difficult for women to tell if a pregnancy has occurred or not when it is still in the early stages. Symptoms include alterations in the woman’s sense of taste, a missed period, feeling lethargic or fatigued, morning sickness, and differences in one’s breasts. One of the surest ways to confirm this is to make use of pregnancy home test kits to determine whether you might be pregnant. This should be followed up with a doctor’s visit to confirm the home test kit’s results and to rule out any complications. The insomnia during the course of pregnancy could be brought on by different factors such as the urge to urinate and the changing hormone levels.

If you do suffer from insomnia during pregnancy, there are a number of remedies and home treatments that you can avail of. One of the most basic rules when it comes to sleep problems is that you cannot have irregular sleep patterns. This means establishing a regular routine when it comes to your bedtime. What this also means is establishing a fixed time to go to bed and, similarly, a fixed time to get out of bed. What this does for your body is to help its internal clock.

When this becomes a habit, your body will automatically adjust to a schedule and you should feel sleepy around the time you have adopted as your fixed bedtime. Waking up also becomes easier as your body has grown accustomed to this routine. You have to accept that this will take patience and it can take many days or even weeks for your body to completely adjust to a regular schedule. In many cases, the person still cannot fall asleep after going to bed at the predetermined hour. If you still make the effort to wake up at the predetermined hour, your body should be tired enough to make sleeping easier the following night. There is no doubt that this can be a tiring process but it is worth it if you finally adjust to your new sleep routine. This does not mean that you can try to get away with minimal sleep hours. The typically prescribed eight hours is just the average and often people find that their sleep needs are different. A warm bath can help this process if taken before retiring and this can be followed by a soothing massage.

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