Insomnia in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time to rejoice. It is also a time when your body acts in the most peculiar way possible. You may begin to start liking the food that you always hated; you may get an aversion to smells that you used to love, and you who were considered a sound sleeper, may also develop insomnia or sleeplessness.

Expecting the unexpected is one way of describing pregnancy!

All these changes happen due to the hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy. In early pregnancy, your body releases extra hormones which may have a side-effect like insomnia.


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Insomnia Care During Pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, your body releases a pregnancy hormone known as progesterone. This hormone is a natural sedative and you may feel so tired that you could tend to nap during the day, and as a result, feel sleepless at night. This could throw your normal sleeping pattern out of gear.

Besides hormonal changes, insomnia in early pregnancy can also be attributed to excitement and anxiousness.

Remedies for Insomnia in Early Pregnancy

  • Insomnia is not a good thing. It can make your nights long and days tired. Here are a few tips that you can follow to help you catch a few winks:
  • The most important thing to do in such a scenario is to relax as much as possible. Reduce your anxiety levels and limit your excitement as much as possible.
  • You can relax by doing some yoga exercises and following a meditation regime. This will reduce your stress levels and calm your mind.
  • Taking a warm shower just before retiring at night will also help you get a good night’s sleep.

    Before going to bed adjust the room temperature to a comfortable level and ensure that your surroundings are calm and quiet.
  • Make yourself comfortable by placing some extra pillows to get the perfect posture which will lull you to sleep.
  • Avoid the intake of fluids before going to bed as it may stimulate your kidneys to produce urine. Urinary continence is a given part of pregnancy and may cause insomnia.
  • Try wearing some ear plugs if you are sensitive to outside sound.
  • Play some light and gentle music which will help you drift into sleep.
  • Ask your spouse to give you a nice foot massage before going to bed. This will relax your body and you will sleep like a baby.

Now that you know how absolutely normal insomnia is in early pregnancy, stop worrying and relax. Fixing this problem is simple, and you do not have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle. Tweak your lifestyle a little and you will manage to catch those valuable winks!

Insomnia In Early Pregnancy
Insomnia Early Pregnancy
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