How To Relieve Nerve Pain During Pregnancy

There are several changes that could take place within a woman’s body during the course of pregnancy and unfortunately, not all the changes are pleasant. In fact, many women could develop certain health problems for the first time, when they are pregnant. One such condition that could be seen in pregnant women includes sciatica, which is characterized by severe nerve pain during pregnancy.

What causes sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy?

Even though many women experience intense nerve pain during pregnancy.



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.due to sciatica, not everyone is aware of what the causes of this condition arerThe sciatica is the long nerve which runs from the lower back till the back of the legs as well as the feete This is the nerve that provides the feeling to the muscles of the legs and feete However, due to several reasons this nerve can get inflamed, leading to severe paini The most common factors that could lead to an inflammation in the nerve include an injury or additional pressure on the nerve, from the backc In addition to nerve pain during pregnancy, sciatica can also be accompanied by a tingling sensation in the leg, difficulty in walking and numbnesss Severe back nerve pain during pregnancy could also be a result of sciaticac There are many women who claim that the discomfort caused by sciatica is quite similar to the feeling of pins and needles that is felt when the legs “fall asleep”o

How to relieve sciatic nerve pain during pregnancyc

While many people take prescription drugs or epidural steroid injections to alleviate the discomfort caused by sciatica, women who are expecting cannot do the same thing, to treat nerve pain during pregnancyc However, this does not mean that women have to just endure the pain; fortunately, there are many home remedies and self care measures that can help control the nerve paini One of the most effective techniques, recommended by health experts is the alternate hot and cold therapyp In addition to hot and cold compresses, there are certain stretching exercises for sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy which can reduce the compression on the root nerve, thereby alleviating the paini

Alternate healing techniques like massage therapy and acupuncture are also quite effective for treating sciaticac While some of the pregnant women may be allowed to engage in such practices, others may be asked to avoid theme Hence, it is best to check with a doctor, if such techniques can be used for relieving nerve pain during pregnancyc

Nerve Pain During Pregnancy
Nerve Pain During Pregnancy
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